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Help us to continue making a difference in our comunity. Please make a donation to the Laure Fire Department today.

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Laurel Fire Department
205 W. 10th Street
Laurel, DE 19956


Entry# 41
Name: Armore Rice
Location:  Seaford, Delaware sussex
Department:  SVFD
Comments:  the new GYM looks out standing Good job Mark and the laurel fire department for leaning forward, have to stop by and try it out.
Sign Date:  November 7, 2012

Entry# 40
Name: William Thomas
Location:  Felton, Delaware United States
Department:  Felton Community Fire Company
Website:  http://www.feltonfirecompany.org
Comments:  Nice job to the men and women who saved those victims last night. Stay safe!
Sign Date:  October 16, 2012

Entry# 39
Name: Lewie Purcell
Location:  Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Sussex
Department:  Nanticoke ER
Comments:  You guys are the best!!~~~
Sign Date:  May 18, 2012

Entry# 38
Name: Steve Krüger
Location:  Tiefenort, Germany Thuringia
Department:  Fire Department
Website:  http://www.feuerwehr-tiefenort.de
Comments:  You have a very nice website, come back healthy from all operations, with comradely greetings from germany. An entry in the guestbook of www.feuerwehr-tiefenort.de we would be very, very happy.
Sign Date:  August 16, 2011

Entry# 37
Name: Amy Miller
Location:  Laurel, DE Sussex
Comments:  Thank you for your hard work and dedicated service to our community! May God bless each of you and protect you!
Sign Date:  April 4, 2011

Entry# 36
Name: Ashley Richardson
Location:  Parsonsburg, Maryland Wicomico
Department:  Parsonsburg Fire Company
Comments:  Be Safe Thanks for all your service fellow brothers and sisters
Sign Date:  February 1, 2011

Entry# 35
Name: Joel Goulet
Location:  Wausau, WI USA
Website:  http://www.joelgoulet.com
Comments:  Thank you for being firefighters and keeping people safe. I applaud your service to your community. Thank you for all that you do. I’d like to let you know about some special Firefighters tribute pages on my website. I set them up to honor firefighters everywhere. If you get a chance, please check them out. Your 1924 Ahrens Fox is a gem. Stay safe and have a great day.
Sign Date:  December 15, 2010

Entry# 34
Name: Vladimir Nedelskiy
Website:  http://FIREDEPT.RU
Sign Date:  December 9, 2010

Entry# 33
Name: hansi heller
Location:  Munich, Germany
Department:  Fire Dept.
Website:  http://www.feuerwehrleben.com
Comments:  Best wishes from a volunteer firefighter in Germany.

Wish you all the best and hope that you come back from all your incidents


Sign Date:  November 19, 2010

Entry# 32
Name: Danah Chaffinch
Location:  Laurel/Blades sussex
Department:  Blades Vol Fire Co.
Website:  http://www.bvfc71.com
Comments:  The pictures of the water rescue look great. Im glad that i was able to take them for you guys.
Sign Date:  August 4, 2010

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