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Help us to continue making a difference in our comunity. Please make a donation to the Laure Fire Department today.

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Laurel Fire Department
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Laurel, DE 19956


Entry# 12
Name: Todd Odor
Location:  Richmond, Virginia USA
Comments:  I extend my deepest sympathy to the entire Laurel Fire Department membership and to the Carey Family. May God be with you all in this difficult time.
Sign Date:  September 9, 2008

Entry# 11
Name: Deanna Brown
Location:  Laurel, USA!!!!
Department:  LFD
Website:  http://www.sycamoregumps.blogspot.com
Comments:  Great job to all who participated in the Softball Tournament in Seaford! It is great to get together with everyone and support a wonderful cause like the burn foundation...you guys are THE BEST! It was also wonderful to see the ole' geezers come out of their rocking chairs and participate...LOL

Much Love...Mamagump

Sign Date:  August 27, 2008

Entry# 10
Name: Amos Callaway
Location:  Laurel, De
Department:  Laurel Fire Dept
Comments:  I would like to thank all the ones that came out and supported the Laurel Fire Dept in the burn tournament this weekend. For a team that was suppose to go 2 and out we didnt do too bad. Thanks Again.
Sign Date:  August 18, 2008

Entry# 9
Name: Greg Hocker
Location:  Millville, Delaware
Department:  millville fire co sta 84
Website:  http://www.millville84.com
Comments:  Just wanted to thank the membership again for allowing me to play softball this past weekend in the firemans tournament. It was an honor playing ball with all of you and I hope to continue in the years to come. Be safe and God Bless!!!!
Sign Date:  August 18, 2008

Entry# 8
Name: Tara Shannon
Location:  Seaford, De USA
Department:  Blades VFC
Comments:  Nice job on the website, looks good. Keep up the great work stay safe out there.
Sign Date:  August 15, 2008

Entry# 7
Name: Ron O'Neal
Location:  Millsboro, USA
Department:  Millsboro Fire Company
Website:  http://www.millsborofire.com
Comments:  Congratulations, great looking site. You guys made the right decision. And another terrific job by Chief Web Design.
Sign Date:  August 12, 2008

Entry# 6
Name: Pete Parks
Location:  Milford, DE USA
Department:  Jerry's Inc
Website:  http://www.jerryspaving.com
Comments:  Very nice site. Well done!
Sign Date:  August 12, 2008

Entry# 5
Name: Dale Shaw
Location:  Magnolia, DE USA
Department:  Bowers Fire Dept.
Comments:  Great looking new web site. Be safe out there.
Sign Date:  August 12, 2008

Entry# 4
Name: Brandon Donaway
Location:  Dagsboro,
Department:  Dagsboro VFD
Comments:  Congratulations on the new web site, it looks great. Glad to see you added the video section. Stay safe brothers!
Sign Date:  August 11, 2008

Entry# 3
Name: Jason Boyce
Location:  Laurel, DE
Department:  Laurel Fire Dept
Comments:  Great Job!!! The page is awesome!! Good Luck in the Softball Tourny!! :)
Sign Date:  August 11, 2008

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