LFD Annual Banquet - Laurel Fire Dept. Hall
Saturday, February 14, 2009

Laurel Fire Department Holds Annual Recognition Banquet On Saturday Feb. 14th the Laurel Fire Dept. held its annual Recognition Banquet. Master of Ceremonies was Past President Brian Whaley. Highlights of the program were service awards that saw Shawn Kee receive a pin for five years, Kevin Brumbley be recognized with ten years of service. Wendy Lowe and Keith LeCates would be honored as the newest Life Members after achieving 20 years of service. Greg Adkins has served for 30 years. Gary Flood and Ron Scott have been members for 35 years, along with Bill Hearn and Calvin Hearn with 45 years. John T. Culver was recognized for 50 years of active service to the Fire Department. Mark Sheridan was recognized for his 6 years of outstanding and dedicated service to the Fire Department as its Chief. The Ladies Auxiliary also recognized members with Service Awards. Pat Walker and Rhonda Brumbley achieved 10 years of service. Dixie Northam and Sandy Russell 40 years of service. President Bonnie Hearn was recognized with 45 years of service. An ovation was given for Past President Anna Scott with 67 years of service and Sara Ellis with 69 years of service. The Ladies also presented a check to the Fire Department to support their activities. Top Responders were honored for both Fire and E.M.S. Jay Hall was the top responder to Fire Scenes and Eric Givens was the top responder on E.M.S. Calls. Brandon Givens was recognized as this year’s “Rookie of the Year” as being voted by the membership as the member with less than two years service who has dedicated the most to making the Fire Dept. better. Past President Lawrence Elliott received the Firefighter Service Award. Mr. Elliott served as President for six years. He also served as Chief Engineer and Engineer for over thirty years.

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