Response for Possible Water Rescue - Delaware Ave. @ Laureltown
Sunday, July 5, 2009

On Sunday July 5th at 23:54 hours Laurel Fire Dept. was alerted for a possible water rescue on Delaware Ave. in the vicinity of Laurel Villas. Deputy Chief Mike Lowe responded as 81 Command. The report was a call was received by EOC stating a male was in the area and was committing suicide by jumping from one of the bridges. Command was established a Laureltown. Eng. 81-4 with Asst. Chief Tim Walker was assigned as Division 1 at the Willow Street Bridge. Rescue 81 with Asst. Chief Jeff Hill was designated as Division 2 at Delaware Ave & Laureltown. Rescue 71 with Chief Earl Chaffinch was assigned Division 3 at Central Ave. A search of the area was made. Contact was made with Police and Trooper 2 did fly overs. With nothing located units returned and Command was terminated at approximately 11:45 hours.

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