2011 Fire Department Officers - Laurel Fire Dept
Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Laurel Fire Department recently held its annual elections for officers for 2011. Adminstrative Officers: Bill Hearn, President; Elmer Steele,Secretray; Dwayne Groton, Treasurer; Mark Oliphant, BOD; Tim West, BOD; Eric Whaley, BOD. Fire Officers: Jeff Hill, Fire Chief; Mark Sheridan, Deputy Chief; Keith LeCates, 1st Asst. Chief; Eric Whaley, 2nd Asst. Chief; Donnie Layton, 3rd Asst. Chief; Richard Russell, Chief Engineer; Mark Oliphant and Dale Brown, Engine Captains; Brandon Givens, Truck Cpatain; Jim Brittingham, Rescue Captain; Brett Morris, EMS Captain.

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