LFD Stresses School Bus Safety
Monday, August 31, 2015

It is the time of the year that children start back to school and the Laurel Fire Dept. wants to remind everyone to use caution when driving near school children and buses.

- Pay attention when you are driving and watch the entire area around you. Watch for children near the street and slow down.

- Please obey speed limits in school zones.

- Children can have tunnel vision regarding their activities and not pay attention to traffic around them.

- Keep a distance from buses and obey all school bus warning devices.

- Make sure children walk with a “buddy” and never alone. Predators may cruise neighborhoods looking for unsupervised children. Report any strangers to the Police immediately if they cause suspicion.

- Teach children to appreciate Emergency Services Professionals. - Talk to them about when and how they should call 911.

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