Laurel Landmark Lost
Monday, April 6, 2020

Laurel Landmark Lost On April 6th at 10:03 pm, Sussex EOC alerted Station 81 Laurel, Station 74 Delmar, Station 14 Sharptown, and SCEMS for a reported Commercial Building Fire at the Laurel Dutch Inn located on S Central Ave. 81 Command went responding with Chief Hill, Command arrived to find a single-story commercial structure with heavy fire showing from sides B&C as well as through the roof. Engine 81-4 and Tower 81 went responding at the same time and both were fully staffed. Engine 4 established a water supply for a hydrant on the same block. Engine 4s crew immediately pulled a hose line and knocked down the visible fire on the B side then transitioned into an interior attack after the door was forced. Tower 81 along with Engine 4 and went to the C side to ladder the building and spilt the crew for ventilation and attack through the rear of the building. Engine 81-3 responded and established water supply from the hydrant on the corner of 10th Street and Central Ave. with a 5” supply line to the C side where Engine 3s crew deployed a hose line through the back door on the C side. Rescue 74 and Engine 74-1 arrived and pulled a backup hose line through the front door on the A side. Truck 14 arrived and was assigned to assist Tower 81s crew with ventilation. Command requested an Engine and Rescue cover up out of Station 71 Blades. Interior crews advised still had fire above them in the ceiling. Command immediately brought in Engine 71-3 and Rescue 71 and advised to start Station 87 Seaford for the cover up. Ventilation crew made access through the roof and advised Command there was still heavy fire on the C side. Tanker 87 made the response for the cover up Station 81. They were later brought into the scene for overhaul and to relieve other crews. Crews worked on scene for over 3 hours for extensive overhaul, wetting down hotspots, and clean up.

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