MVC with Fuel Spill
Tuesday, February 27, 2024

At 07:13 hours on Feb. 27th LFD was alerted for a Motor Vehicle Crash at the intersection of Sussex

Hwy. and Boyce Road.  EMS unit B-81 was first on scene with EMS Lt. Jim Furbush preforming triage

and reporting four victims that needed assessment.

Engine 81-2 was first on scene with Asst. Chief Brandon Givens, who assumed command.  The incident 

resulted in a large area of the highway that required clean-up.  A box truck involved had a ruptured fuel tank

losing about 30 gallons of fuel.

Givens established traffic control.  A request was made for Millsboro's Haz Mat Unit.  DNREC was on scene a

and oversaw the clean-up.


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