West St. House Heavily Damaged by Fire - 604 West St
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On 11/30 at 18:17 hours LFD, Delmar, Sharptown and Medic 102 were alerted for a house fire at 604 West Street. Deputy Chief Mike Lowe responded as 81 Command. Lowe arrived and met with Medic 102 Sheridan who stated there was smoke visible in the rear of the house from the third floor. Eng. 81-2 responded with Asst. Chief Eric Whaley as officer. Tower 81 responded with F/F Keith LeCates as officer. Engine 2 took a position on the B side and advanced a line. Tower 81 set up in front of the structure. Truck 74 arrived from Delmar as was assigned the C side of the House. Eng. 1404 arrived from Sharptown. Engine 81-3 laid a 5" supply from Eng. 2 to a hydrant on West and Seventh Street. Engine 1404 established a supply from Tower 81 to the hydrant on Sixth and West Street. Sharptown Chief Howard Bowden was assigned Operations Officer. EMT Doug Butler was assigned Safety and Accountability. The crew from Engine 74-2 established R.I.T. Crews advancing in the attack with a thermal imaging camera reported no fire and then as they were accessing the steps conditions rapidly detoriated. They backed out. Tower 81 and Truck 74 mad access to the roof. Command moved the crew from Blades to the scene to assist on the C side of the house and Georgetown was alerted for a standby. Heavy fire conditions were in between the floors and roofs. An evacuation tone was sent out and a defensive attack took place. FM 10 Miller was on scene. Units were on scene until approximately 21:30 hours.

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