Mass Casualty Incident at Hardscabble
Saturday, May 18, 2019

Laurel, Georgetown and SCEMS Handle Mass Casualty Incident On May 18th at approximately 16:00 hours Sussex EOC alerted Laurel Fire Dept. and SCEMS for a MVC in the intersection of East Trap Pond Rd and Hardscrabble Rd. 81. Command went enroute with Asst Chief Lowe (OIC). Blades Capt. Kris Kerwin, was on location and advised there were 6 patients and 1 trapped. Asst. Chief Lowe declared a Level 1 MCI and started Georgetown Station 77 for a Rescue assist due to entrapment. Engine 81-2 arrived, with Chief Engineer Mark Oliphant as Officer, who was designated as Operations Officer. Rescue 77 and Tower 81 arrived and assisted Engine 2 with extrication. Sussex County EMS District Supervisor Mark Sheridan was placed in charge of EMS Operations. Engine 4 set up an LZ for Trooper 2 and then assisted with extrication. Crews completed extrication and remained on scene for an extended period of time for clean-up. Units on scene: 81 Command, 81-2, Tower 81, 81-4, Ambulance 81, Rescue 77, Ambulance 71, Ambulance 87, Ambulance 83, Ambulance 79, SCEMS, and Trooper 2. Special thanks to the Georgetown Fire Company for assisting and the Sharptown Fire Company for covering our district during this incident. By Trevor Chaffinch

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